Welcome to the Charles A. Becker Foundation

charles_beckerEstablished in 1996, the Charles A. Becker Foundation was created to help kids. The organization purpose states, “continuing the benevolent spirit of Charles A. Becker, a gentleman who cared about and supported child causes, though he had no children of his own.” Charles created his Foundation to, “Benefit young people who work to get ahead.”

The Foundation annually awards financial grants to child and youth focused direct benefit charitable programs located in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas of California, and Phoenix, Arizona.  A primary motivation of the Foundation is supporting individual success in education for students who strive, and may need a boost.  The Foundation responds intently to programs which benefit student self-confidence, their health and wellness, and help guide them on paths of personal purpose and fulfillment.  A primary objective is to contribute to initiatives that increase high school graduation rates. Yet a more intrinsic vision is to financially invest in providing life-directing and personally affirming experiences that help build individuals that flourish.